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Mancino: Bringing the Awesome

Mancino is one of the most interesting and fun bands playing rock music in New York these days. Their songs tend to veer off in unexpected directions, but always rooted in a groove and built around strong melodies. They don't take themselves too seriously, but also have a very unique sound. Plus, I have to at least give props to any rock band that uses some clarinet.

Mancino at the Delancey

Last night's show at The Delancey shows that the Mancino train is rolling along with some great new songs and a polished and musical live show.

I can't add much about Gold Streets set since I was running late and the venue has actually starting bands on time. The Delancey upgraded the sound in the live room somewhat recently, which is a nice change.

Via Stereoactive NYC, here's video of Mancino playing "Buy My Product" at an earlier show at The Delancey.


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