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Six Degrees of Jay Landsman

In the midst of my all-consuming cram session to catch up with 5 seasons of The Wire, I also picked up David Simon's book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.

One of the Baltimore homicide detectives Simon wrote about in Homicide was Sgt. Jay Landsman.

Landsman was the inspiration for Detective John Munch in the Homicide: Life on the Streets TV series. Richard Belzer has gone on to play Detective Munch in Law and Order:SUV as well as in cameos in Arrested Development and other shows.

In The Wire, Delaney Williams plays Sergeant Jay Landsman

Developing as a recurring role in season 3 of The Wire, Jay Landsman plays Lieutenant Dennis Mello.

Fader interviewed Landsman (the original) at the end of season 4.


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